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Birdstone Winery

Birdstone Winery

Birdstone Winery

Birdstone winery

Birdstone Winery

At Birdstone, we’re committed to making great wines and making our community a better place to live.  We support non-profits & other local groups by providing wine, resources, & discounts, and we often host charity events at the winery. 

If you are interested in requesting a Donation, please fill out our Donation Request Form. If you’d like to consider Birdstone as a location for your next charity fundraiser or event, please fill out our Event Information Request form.

The “Alegria Reserve” Story, by K.C. Pomering of Alegria Guild:

In 2004, members of Alegria Guild of Children's Hospital Central California were brainstorming fundraising ideas.  The ladies decided they should do what they knew, and in Madera, CA - that's wine grapes & raisins.  After getting some advice from family & friends, the women contacted Tony Kirk of Birdstone Winery about private labeling some wine, not knowing how they'd sell it, if the idea would work, or how quickly they could pay the winery.  Kirk replied, "For Children's Hospital?  I'll say absolutely yes now, & we'll work out the details later."  The Kirk Family would later share with Guild members that their oldest son had been born prematurely and was treated at Children's Hospital.  Guild members worked with Tony to select wines and develop a sales plan, and “Alegria Reserve” was born.  Local artist Heather Layne Lewis created the original work “Crimson & Blue” for the label, and Tony set to work bottling & labeling the wines for the May 2005 release. 

New vintages of "Alegria Reserve by Birdstone Winery" are released each May at a celebration co-hosted by Alegria Guild & Birdstone Winery, and the wines are available year-round in the Birdstone Winery Tasting Room and at select retailers & restaurants. Alegria Guild members now pour their wines at Birdstone during Madera Wine Trail weekends and at other events, and talk with visitors about Children's Hospital Central California while they pour. Guild members proudly tell guests that “Alegria Reserve by Birdstone Winery” has raised thousands of dollars for Central California's most precious citizens – our kids.

Visit our Online Store to purchase the current vintages of Alegria Reserve by Birdstone Winery.

In addition to Alegria Guild, Birdstone suppports several other charities, including the Foundation for Golden Valley Schools.  Under the direction of Chefs Mike Mazzoni & Cathy Barrows, the Foundation for Golden Valley Schools prepares & sells meals at Birdstone during Madera Wine Trail Weekends.

Click here for a partial list of Charities & Non-Profit groups Birdstone supports



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